What To Know Before You Rent a Trade Show Photo Booth

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Considering a photo booth rental at your next trade show? Read this and find out what you need to know before renting a trade show photo booth. First it’s a great decision especially if your photo booth rental can support your marketing efforts such as generating leads and collecting new customer email addresses.

Having a photo booth rental at your trade show also creates energy and attracts people into your booth. Creating the opportunity to meet and generate a new clients. Isn’t that the goal of being at a trade show?

Through the years we’ve been part of fashion trade shows and auto shows from Los Angeles all the way across the country to New York. Having backstage access to the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta we have learned a lot about setting up for trade shows. 

Here are six tips we’ve learned to make sure your photo booth rental and set up goes smoothly. 

1. Setup Schedule

Find Out Your Load-In and Setup Schedule

Most trade shows that are held in convention centers have an event setup schedule which all participants and vendors are suggested to follow. Often trade show guidelines require your trade show booth be fully setup the day before the trade show starts. 

Ensure your photo booth rental has the official event setup schedule from the convention center because some photo booth companies will charge for early setup or they might plan on arriving for setup past the setup time.

2. Parking

Where Is Parking for Load-In?

Is there a dedicated load-in zone for all vendors? Is there a specific load-in zone that is closer to your trade show booth? Knowing the best place to park will make the load-in of equipment smoother and take less time.

3. Trade Show Floor Map

Where Do We Find You?

Where is your trade show booth located at the venue? How do we find you at the trade show? Trade shows are most often held at large convention centers and knowing where your trade show booth is will make the load-in of photo booth equipment quicker. 

4. Access Badges

Provide Access Credentials

Participants at trade shows are granted entry with some type of vendor credential or badge. Will your photo booth vendor need an access badge to go in and out during set up or for bathroom breaks?

Inquire with your photo booth vendor how many photo booth attendants are included with your rental to provide the proper amount of access badges.

5. Floor Space

Do You Have Enough Room For a Photo Booth?

Be sure to find out how much floor space your photo booth rental will need. Trade show booths can be small and not capable of accommodating a photo booth with a backdrop. 

If you are working with limited space consider going with a tablet based Selfie photo booth. Selfie photo booths are compact and need very little floor space – as little as 3 feet by 3 feet. They can easily be setup and moved if needed giving you flexibility. 

6. Internet Access

Is Internet Access Provided With Your Trade Show Booth?
Today’s photo booths need access to the internet to share photos via email and text messaging.  Does your trade show booth come with internet access or is it an additional cost? Some convention centers charge an additional cost for internet access and can potentially be at a premium.

Wireless internet hotspots from cellular companies are an alternate option if the cost of internet access is outrageous. However we suggest testing the download speeds of the wireless internet hotspot at the venue if possible. Download speeds might be reduced inside a convention center depending on what material the venue was built with.

Bonus Tip: A tool we recommend at every event to test internet download speed is SpeedSmart. They have a desktop web version and apps for iOS or Android. We use SpeedSmart at every event to make sure internet download speed is fast enough for your photo booth experience. 


I hope some of our tips help you in some way. If you feel we’ve missed something or would like to share your tips and experience please let us know in the comments or sending us an email

If you’re interested in working with us to create a branded photo booth experience for your next trade show or event please send us an email here or visit the Contact Us page.


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