Social Sharing with Microsites

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The event you’ve spent so much time working on is finally here. Guests are creating branded photos from your photo booth and sharing them onto Facebook and Instagram. Wouldn’t it be great to measure the social sharing at your event and get access to important metrics and sharing data?

What is a microsite?

A micro-site is a mini-webpage with your logo and branding. It’s where all your guests will go to download their images from your photo booth.

Why is a micro site important and why should I care?

A micro-site is also a powerful marketing tool to extend your brand, promote your product or event, and provide visitors with your call to action. Micro-sites can also offer social sharing to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter often with analytics.

It also allows your visitors to focus on your campaign, and call to actions extending your reach after an event.

Branded microsites are included with your rental package.

How does a micro site work?
A link to your microsite is sent to guest when they share their photos from your photo booth. Guests will visit your custom branded microsite to download their images.

How do I design a microsite?

Send us your logo and tell us what you want.

Is a microsite for me?

It depends on your event and goals.

Is social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram important to your activations and events?

Is access to metrics such as social reach and impressions valuable to you?

Are there call to actions or hashtags you want guests to include when sharing socially?

A microsite definitely helps in any of these cases.

Microsites are included in all corporate rental packages. What kind of project are you working on that could benefit from your branded microsite? Let us know!


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