How We Reached 5 Million People With One Photo Booth Campaign

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How did we make 5 million social media impressions in one evening?

We incentivized people to create content, tag it, and share it with their friends. The incentive was very straightforward: unlimited Polaroid-like print outs of their Instagram photos.

The short answer: we installed our Instagram hashtag photo booth.


The Event
The hashtag photo booth was set up at a Los Angeles evening event for Cadillac and the fashion brand Who What Wear. Though the event lasted only a few hours, the hashtag photo booth drove engagement through the roof: 86 photos were shared and tagged with the campaign hashtag (#styledriven), and 5.1 million potential Instagram users were exposed to the branded photos.

At this point, event marketers are nodding in agreement and drooling at those numbers – 5.1 million impressions on Instagram from just 86 photos? It sounds too good to be true.


The Power of Instagram
But that’s the power of Instagram (and social media). This invite-only event featured influencers and celebrities like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, and once Instagram’s algorithm connected the spike in the number of likes with the campaign hashtag, it decided the content was valuable and engaging enough to put in front of more Instagram users.

Remember: the Instagram algorithm loves great content.

According to the event’s marketing director, the hashtag photo booth “encouraged use of our hashtag and I’m certain it increased the amount of posts and the overall reach and success of our program.”


Audience-Created Content – Push vs. Pull
As event marketers transition from pushing content onto their audiences to pulling their audiences into their content, they must remember that one of the best ways to make the transition is through social validation: Encourage the fans to talk about their brands and campaigns.

When John takes a photo at the Cadillac and Who What Wear event and shares it on his Instagram feed for his family and friends to see, he is sharing a moment in his life. That the photo includes a brand’s campaign hashtag and a logo only gives social validation to the brand and the campaign – it does not take away from John’s real moment. The brand created the experience that in turn incentivized John to create the content and share it from his personal Instagram account.


So, incentivize – that’s the big message. One of the easiest ways to incentivize people is to give them something in return – a print out of their Instagram photo, for example. You can learn more about our hashtag booth here.


Hive Social Lab is an LA-based photo booth company whose LIVE HIVE hashtag printer has been used by the biggest fashion and media brands in the world. See if the LIVE HIVE hashtag booth is right for your event.


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