We create custom branded photo booths for events and brands such as Beats by Dre., Levi’s, OWN, Equinox, NYX Cosmetics, and The Oscars.

About Us

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Increase Your Reach

We help event professionals create branded images at live events for sharing on social to increase brand awareness and engagement.

latest events

how you benefit

more social media

You’ll get more social media and brand exposure for your event. Guests are already going to post about themselves at your event. It’s your advantage to give them a great photo with your logo to post.

email marketing

Your email marketing list will get larger. If email marketing is important to your brand you have the capability to collect email addresses which means more potential customers.

captive engagement

Keep your guests attention. Yes, photo booths are fun and entertaining but they can also keep your guests highly engaged after their photo is taken. Digital stickers, scribbles

maintain engagement long after your event

We believe the joy at every event should be captured and shared.

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Phone: (213) 260-0102
Email: hello@hivesociallab.com
Los Angeles, New York, and Everywhere in Between.

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