GIF Selfie: 3 Tips For The Perfect Selfie GIF

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GIF Selfie

You’ve perfected the selfie – the angle, the pout, the lighting, and each strand of hair taken into consideration. But how do you take the perfect GIF selfie?

A GIF is a short looping video of (usually) four photos and is quickly gaining popularity with event producers and marketers. Chances are you’ve already seen a GIF selfie from an event or wedding photo booth.

So we wanted to share a few tips to help you avoid being the awkward person holding the same face and pose in a GIF selfie.

Tip #1: Work It

Shake it like a Polaroid picture or strike some classic poses: think Madonna, think Vogue. GIF selfies give you a few frames to be sexy, sassy and silly, all at once. Make it unforgettable for all the right reasons, while staying within reason, of course!

Tip #2: Two’s Company, Three’s Even Better

Get your friends in on the act to create a GIF groupie. Use each other for inspiration or as props, and see everyone’s true colors shine in GIF format. We’ve found that five people is a good size for a GIF groupie.

Tip #3: If in Doubt: Scream, Shout and Let It All Out

If you’ve suddenly developed a serious case of stage fright, don’t stress! Take a deep breath, shake off your inhibitions and just have fun. If all else fails, scream, shout and let it all out: with that alone, you’ll create an unforgettable GIF selfie.

To help navigate this new photo booth experience, Hive Social Lab always provides an on-site team to help event goers and guests capture their best GIF selfie. Here’s what we’re able to report from the field: the GIF selfie is definitely here to stay.


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