Social Sharing with Microsites

The event you’ve spent so much time working on is finally here. Guests are creating branded photos from your photo booth and sharing them onto Facebook and Instagram. Wouldn’t it be great to measure the social sharing at your event and get access to important metrics and sharing data? What is a microsite? A micro-site

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This image is a wall full of photos printed from a photo booth by Hive Social Lab at the ENK Vegas trade show.

What To Know Before You Rent a Trade Show Photo Booth

Considering a photo booth rental at your next trade show? Read this and find out what you need to know before renting a trade show photo booth. First it’s a great decision especially if your photo booth rental can support your marketing efforts such as generating leads and collecting new customer email addresses. Having a photo

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Gold Diggers Bar and Performance Venue

Gold Diggers Bar

Gold Diggers Bar is a one-stop shop recording studio, and performance venue for singers, musical artists, and songwriters to record their music. Gold Diggers is also one of Hollywood’s oldest dive bars that has updated and transformed into a boutique hotel. As with most bars in general, having a photo booth at a bar can be

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Singer Amber Mark Performing on stage

Amber Mark Music

Events of all types can be last-minute at times and we’re experts at making everything come together in a time-crunch. We’re always prepared for last minute photo booth rentals and our selfie photo booth was the solution with only a few hours to spare. Our selfie photo booth was up and running in minutes and captured all

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A photo of two co-workers getting their photo taken by a photo booth rental from Hive Social Lab.

Aspect Spring Break

Aspect is a creative advertising and marketing agency that services the entertainment industry with trailers, tv and digital spots, and cgi special effects for films and tv shows. They have been around for over 40 years and created trailers for some of the most iconic films including Forrest Gump, Titanic, and Big. Every year Aspect throws

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