5 Most Innovative Fashion Events of 2017

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These last 12 months saw the crème de la crème of designers, celebrities, and tastemakers come together to create totally novel experiences. Event marketers gave audiences unprecedented access to their biggest fashion events with the likes of Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories, and Instagram feeds.

Innovation will continue to transform the fashion industry, and these five events will be the first to see it. These events are ground zero for digital innovation in fashion:

New York Fashion Week

Coined “Press Week” in 1943, this semi-annual event has evolved into today’s NYFW. Held in various venues around NYC that include MADE Studios, Chelsea Piers and numerous showrooms, NYFW’s coveted showcases are only accessible with accreditation or exclusive invitation. Though 2017 will be no different, audiences will have unprecedented behind-the-scenes access via Snapchat stories, a virtual seat at top runway shows via Facebook Live, and the ability to fall in love (or not) with new lines from top design houses.

Important to note: Event marketers should pay close attention to how this exclusive weeklong event is staying relevant and, equally important, how it’s cashing in on its massive spotlight. No longer is the “show-now-buy-later” model sufficient for today’s “I-want-it-now” culture.

Event Date: February 9th-16th and September 7th-14th


New York Fashion Film Festival:

The NYFFF hosts annual film screenings of select films that showcase the power of couture. First launched in 2010, film screenings are followed by panel discussions with actors, directors, and producers on topics like fashion and its influence. This year’s round of films and contributors included ‘Gucci Cruise 2016’ (Glen Luchford) and ‘Gigi Hadid for W Magazine’ (Steven Brahms), amongst others.

Important to note: Whereas NYFW is the premiere runway event with film used only as a backdrop for live runway showcases, NYFFF focuses on the opposite – films themselves take the spotlight and feature new collections. This past year Tracy Reese debuted her autumn collection in a fashion film entitled ‘A Detroit Love Song.’

Event Date: March 17, 2017



Equally important to being witness to Coachella’s outstanding musical performers – and the 2017 lineup is indeed outstanding – is what you wear to this weekend festival in the hills of California. Coachella is a fashionista’s paradise. Whole collections have been created as a direct result of Coachella’s unique collection of styles and je ne sais quoi. Coachella 2016 saw new “Coachella styles” showcased by celebs like Taylor Swift, models like Kendall Jenner, and actresses like Jamie Chung. There were, of course, many, many others.

When it comes to social media-ing at a live event, Coachella is a juggernaut in its class. Consider, for example, the wristbands festival goers are given which link directly to their Facebook accounts. Using check-in scanners at every stage, attendees, with a flick of the wrist, check into Coachella on Facebook for all friends and family to see. There is no need to wonder why Coachella now commands the most sought-after festival tickets in North America. The festival ensures photo booths are on site to capture attendees’ picturesque festival moments and Cali couture.

Hive Social Lab’s Coachella very own LIVE HIVE photo booth generated hundreds of thousands of impressions on Instagram.

Event Date: April 14th-16th, 2017


Met Gala:

When it comes to creating buzz for a live event, the Met Gala’s approach is simple: use Instagram. The hashtag #MetGala has thousands of posts, with celebrities using the hashtag to showcase their evening gowns and tuxes. Event marketers are likely familiar with the #goals and #squadgoals hashtags that spike when favorite celebrities hit the red carpet at the Met Gala.

This year’s motif – Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology – speaks to the events fashion-meets-technology approach.

What to expect next year: The theme will be Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons. Kawakubo will be the first living designer (since Yves Saint Laurent) to be the primary subject of the Met’s epic fashion exhibit. Kawakubo will act as honorary chair alongside Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Anna Wintour. Attendees have seven months to sort out their stunning looks. We can’t wait – #goals.

Event Date: May 1st, 2017


Art Basel Miami:

Each year, Art Basel stages outstanding art shows for top modern and contemporary artists. Fashion-filled parties typically ensue. As a result, recent years have seen Art Basel Miami transform into a fashion capital for the world to witness. David Casavant, for example, exhibited his entire Raf Simons and Helmut Lang archive. Gucci partnered with Artsy and Soundcloud, hosting a party in Faena’s Art Dome.

The most amazing statistic: Instagram and social media influencers now outnumber the art dealers. The event, then, is an opportunity to showcase new couture in front of a designer’s dream audience: fashionable, wealthy, with social media audiences to match.

Event Date: December 7th-10th, 2017

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