The 5 Apps Most Used at Live Events

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5appscoverYour live event gives guests an opportunity to partake in one of life’s greatest modern pleasures: selfies. That impressive ice sculpture? Total selfie material. Celebrity guest? A selfie moment. A massive balloon installation? Perfect background for a selfie.

Your guests will be snapping and sharing. So instead of being in the dark about which apps your guests use at your live event, here are the five apps we believe guests will be tapping and opening at your next event:

snapchat photo booth SnapChat: Story Telling

SnapChat is currently on (fire emoji). It’s the app your guests use to story tell using 10-second videos and photos.

Currently the most popular free app on iTunes, the SnapChat platform is all about living in the here-and-now. This day-in-the-life model means that anything a guest posts from your event will disappear within 24 hours. Forever!

Creating content for SnapChat is still a big question mark for event marketers. Here at Hive Social Lab, we believe your best bet to make it into the coveted SnapChat story territory, is to create event experiences guests will be eager to show off to friends and family.

With Snap Chat’s recent roll out of SnapChat Spectacles, the platform is bound to grow, transform, and see more sharing.

instagram photo boothInstagram: Photo Album

Instagram is the app your guests use as a public photo album on the day of your event. Instagram’s beautifully-filtered photos and 60-second videos allow attendees to document pre-event prep and on-site moments.

Currently the second most popular social networking app on iTunes, most event marketers know that most photos taken at an event end up on Instagram.

As much as you might want guests to tag photos taken at your event with a branded hashtag, most guests won’t. We’ve found that offering free printed copies of Instagram photos tagged with a specific hashtag serves as a great incentive.

facebook photo boothFacebook: Live Streaming

Facebook, the most popular social app in the world, is quickly becoming a third choice when it comes to sharing event photos and videos. Event marketers are most likely to see guest engagement on Facebook via venue and event check-ins.

But Facebook is quickly becoming the go-to live streaming app, a capability neither Instagram nor SnapChat currently share. Incentivizing social media influencers to do a live stream post from your event is one of the best ways to tap into guests’ massive Facebook networks.

messagesText Messages: Keeping It Private

Sharing event moments doesn’t have to be done publicly. Texting photos and videos is the tried-and-true way for guests to privately share event moments.

The lack of publicity makes this an overlooked medium by event marketers. But chances are some guests simply prefer to share via text message. At Hive Social Lab, we’ve found text message to be one of the most popular ways to share photos and GIFs.

twitterTwitter: For Brands & Celebrities

Although Twitter faces a big problem in the sheer volume of content its users create and share, the platform is the preferred way for guests to interact with brands, influencers, and celebrities.

If your event includes an appearance from a celebrity or social media influencer, chances are they’ll be tweeting their comments and questions. Event marketers should designate an easy-to-recall hashtag for guests to use in their event communications. Perhaps most importantly, Twitter’s search function allows event marketers to find guests who are active on the platform and begin communicating with them after the event.


It’s important to keep in mind the old adage “Different strokes for different folks.” Usage numbers for apps cannot predict how your audience will capture and share moments from a live event. As event marketers already know, it’s best to be prepared than miss opportunities to reach new prospects.

At Hive Social Lab, our GIF photo booth allows guests to share photos and videos publicly to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as privately using text messaging and email, all of it done right from the photo booth screen. You can see some of our work here.


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