2016 VMAs: The Celebrity Photo Booth

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2016 VMAs: The Celebrity Photo Booth

Before millions of us tuned into the VMAs, celebrities, pop stars, and drag queens dressed for one of the biggest photo booths of the year.

(We’re a photo booth company so THIS is what we were waiting for?—?and we were not disappointed!)

The Hive photo booth, creation of Marc Jacobs x Dennis Leupold Hive, gave fans an answer to that important question, “What happens when you put a famous person in front of a camera without rehearsal?—?just lights, mirrors and music.

The answer: they do what you or I would do?—?either kill the spotlight or awkwardly get through the experience.
It was a nice reminder that glitz and glamour aside, people will always be people?—?awkward, entertaining, creative. Also, a reminder about how big the DAB has gotten.

We loved it. So here are some highlights:

Jaden Smith, wise beyond his years and with dance moves honed since the age of 1, gets down.

Desiigner has never looked more excited. He’s 19, just blew up, and so wears a suit with no shirt on. He’s allowed.

On his comeback tour, Sean Combs keeps it cool. Short and sweet and…achy?

Heidi Klum and Nick Cannon, and it looks like Heidi wears the pants in this relationship. Again. But we still love Nick Cannon!

And RuPaul’s drag queens stole the show.

To see all of the 2016 VMA photo booth appearances, check out Dennis Leupold’s Instagram page here.


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